Frequently Asked Questions

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BitCert proofs

What am I looking at?

The patented BitCert technology allows you to look at a blockchain certificate issued by an institution (school, university, firm, administration). This certificate shall include:

  • Institutional data published;
  • All the blockchain evidence shows that it is true.

This is not a document but formatted data that has been certified. This certificate is not falsifiable or modifiable.

The certificate validity, the address and all the data displayed on the blockchain is read in real-time.

Uses an open-source blockchain browser to read the certificate issuer ‘s legal information directly on the blockchain.

Displays the details of the Certificate issuer on the user list of the BitCert solution.

Uses an open-source blockchain explorer to read the validator ‘s legal information directly on the blockchain.

Shows information about the validator on a dedicated website page. Certain validators for the ecosystems are also seen.

Displays an open-source blockchain explorer transaction in which the certificate data was written by the issuer. The blockchain you use, the transaction status, timestamps, and the issuer address can be reviewed as follows.


What is the blockchain?

The blockchain is a safe and open platform for information storage and transmission. The data and all manipulations are stored irreversibly in a file that can be accessed by anyone.

Why is the blockchain secure?

Blockchain security is based on cryptographic algorithms. The registry is stored and checked by a large number of computers running such algorithms, called “nodes,” to ensure its integrity.

Who issued the certificate/diploma I am looking at?

The certificate itself has been issued by the institution, from its own blockchain address. Only organizations that have a “validator” checked their legal existence may use BitCert technology to issue certificates. The formal evidence of this verification is written down on the block itself. You can find the list of approved institutions.

How can you be sure it hasn't been tampered with?

 Each of the data you see has been published on the blockchain. It guarantees, by its very existence, that the data it holds can not be altered.

How can I be sure I'm not visiting a fraudulent site?

The institution issuing a blockchain certificate has declared the website approved. This information is open-source blockchain software freely available to the public. You can access it at https:/ at any time.

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